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About Clan 1812 

We play in historic mod Mount and Blade Warband Musket. 
The main prerequisites for the creating of this clan was the need of team play. 
This mod for team game. 
Clans also take part in the championships - Clan Wars. 
Clan name
Mod Warband Musket covers the era of the Napoleonic wars of the early 19 century. French army conquered Europe and attacked the Russian Empire, where in 1812 and was completely destroyed. Therefore, the clan is named 1812.

1) 1812_General_Knyaz.     
2) 1812_Colonel_MaxiM.
3) 1812_Mayor_SpearAnimal.
4) 1812_Capitan_AIIPELb.
5) 1812_Sergeant_Lisold.
6) 1812_Lieutenant_Amerika_Ice.
8) 1812_Rifleman_Rain.
9) 1812_Rifleman_BohdanKEPua.
10) 1812_Rifleman_Nifersity.
11) 1812_Cossack_ALARIK.
12) 1812_Cossack_Hawk_Ins. 

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